Top 15 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives & Competitors

As an affiliate marketer, you can’t afford to overlook the Amazon Affiliate Program.

It offers some of the best commission rates in the industry, and it’s not just for beginners.

The program is also growing rapidly, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for new affiliates to get started!

But if you’re looking for something new or different, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where we come in.

We’ve created this list of 15 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives & competitors you should check out.

Each of these companies offers something unique, so it’s worth taking a look at them all to find the one that best fits your needs and goals.

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What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon associates

Amazon Associates is a powerful affiliate program that helps bloggers and content creators earn money by directing traffic to the

The program is very easy and free to join, but it does have some requirements for eligibility.

If you meet those requirements, you can earn commissions of 1% to 10% on every sale made through your site. You’ll get paid through direct deposit.

The commissions are paid out monthly, so this is a great program for those who want to take advantage of Amazon’s huge reach without having to worry about running ads on their website.

You can also use Amazon Associates resources, like banners and tracking & reporting tools, to help you maximize your revenue from this program.

List of 15 Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives & Competitors

The Amazon Associates program is well-known as one of the best affiliate marketing programs in the world, but there are many others.

We’ve compiled a list of the best alternatives to amazon associates that you can use to increase your passive income.

1. eBay Partner Network

eBay is a trusted brand with a lot of experience in the online space.

The eBay Partner Network is one of the most popular affiliate programs out there, and it’s a great place to get started if you’re looking for an Amazon affiliate program alternative.

eBay has earned the trust of millions around the world by becoming a strong brand and authority in online commerce.

This means there are many products available on eBay that are just as good as those available on Amazon, and you can make extra money by promoting these products through your blog or website.

The commission rate is 1-4%, depending on what type of product you’re promoting.

There are some restrictions on what products can be advertised through the program, but overall it’s a good place to start if you want to make money online with your blog or website.

The eBay Partner Network also offers a cookie life of 24 hours and minimum threshold requirements ($10) so you don’t have to worry about leaving any money on the table by not meeting them.

Overall, this program is easy to join and offers excellent payouts; we highly recommend it!

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2. Walmart affiliate program

Walmart affiliate program is an amazing choice if you’re looking for alternatives to Amazon affiliate program.

It has all of the benefits of the Amazon affiliate program, but with some added perks.

First off, Walmart stores are highly competitive and have a wide selection of products available for purchase online.

The company also has its own website selling all kinds of items such as clothes, clothing accessories, and more!

The second benefit of this program is that it offers a 1% to 8% commission rate which is higher than other affiliate programs that only offer a 2% commission rate.

This means that those who join this program will be able to make more money than those who join other programs!

Thirdly, there is no limit on how many products or links you can place on your site or blog since Walmart allows you to create as many links as you want!

This is a great benefit because it means that you can place as many links as you want and make more money from each sale. 

The fourth benefit of this program is that it offers a wide range of products to choose from.

You can choose from thousands of different items including clothing, shoes, accessories, and much more! 

3. Target affiliate program

Target affiliate program is a great place to start if you’re looking for an Amazon Affiliate Program alternative.

Target is a large, well-known retailer in the United States, and they have a wide range of physical products in various categories.

The target affiliate program offers instant approval upon signup, so you can get started right away!

They also have a dedicated affiliate manager who’s available to help with any questions you might have.

The commission rate is 1% to 18%, which means that even if you don’t make as much money, it won’t be a huge loss. You’ll get paid every via PayPal.

There are over 150 different banner options, widgets, deep linking tools, and more! These tools make it easy for you to do your job as an affiliate.

The cookie life is 7-days, which makes it easy for affiliates to track their campaigns and make sure they’re getting paid.

This is a great program to join if you’re just getting started, or if you want to supplement your current efforts.

It’s easy to get started and they have some great features that make it easy for you to build up your affiliate business.

If you’re looking for an Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives that’s easy to use and has high-quality tools like banners (over 150 options), widgets, deep linking, and more then this is definitely one to consider!

4. CJ Affiliate 

CJ Affiliate network is a highly reputable affiliate program that has been around for many years.

While you may be thinking to yourself, “Why would I want to join this affiliate program?”, let me tell you why it’s actually one of the best affiliate programs in the world.

The first thing that makes this affiliate program so great is the fact that it offers a performer program for publishers who have a monthly income of $10,000.

This means that you can make money without having to spend hours and hours promoting products on social media or elsewhere.

It also means they have access to some very advanced tools like collage, grid, slideshow and deep link generator.

These are just some of the things that make CJ Affiliate stand out from the crowd. But there’s more!

The average commission rate is 7%, which is higher than many other affiliate programs out there. Plus, they offer direct deposit, cheque and online money transfers through Payoneer.

One thing that makes CJ Affiliate stand out from other affiliate programs is their commitment to optimize and automate your site so that you can start making money faster than ever before possible!

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5. ShareASale 

If you’re a blogger or content creator, ShareASale is one of the best affiliate network.

ShareASale is a CPA network with over 16,550 merchants and 225,000 publishers.

It’s easy to join and its monthly payout is pretty good, you could get anywhere from $50 to $300 per month. And unlike some other affiliate networks, it doesn’t take much effort to get started: all you have to do is sign up!

ShareASale is a good option if you’re looking for a low-effort way to earn passive income. If you’re a blogger or content creator, it can also be a great way to monetize your blog.

But if you want more control over your affiliate marketing efforts, there are other networks that can give you more flexibility in how you run your campaigns.

ShareASale offers a lot of tools for bloggers and content creators to use in their posts, including text links, banners, custom links, and deals.

It also has real-time tracking and reporting so you know exactly where your money goes. And ShareASale makes it easy to optimize and automate your campaigns as well.

If you’re looking for an affiliate program alternative that has no barriers to entry but still provides real value (and lots of new features), then look no further than ShareASale!

6. Impact Radius

Impact Radius is an affiliate marketing network that has been around since 2007.

It’s a complete affiliate marketing network, with everything you need to start making money from your blog or content creation business.

Impact Radius is highly acclaimed in the affiliate world, with some major brands like Canva, Namecheap, Squarespace, and Envato listing their affiliate program on Impact Radius.

There are a lot of big companies using Impact Radius as their platform for making money online, so it’s definitely got something special going for it.

If you’re looking for an Amazon Affiliate Program Alternative but don’t know where to start, this is the place to go!

Impact Radius has an easy-to-use user interface that makes it very easy to get started. You can set up an account within minutes and start earning commissions from day one.

They also have great support options available through email or live chat if you ever have any questions about how the system works.

If you’re looking for an online passive income stream that’s easy to set up and manage, then Impact Radius might be a good option for you.

They have a ton of products available to promote, so there will always be something new to promote if you get bored with promoting the same things over and over again!

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7. Clickbank

Clickbank is the leading digital marketplace for affiliate marketers, launched in 1998.

It is a great place to get started with affiliate marketing. It has a wide range of different products, services and tools available to help you succeed.

It also offers several different ways to earn commissions through your clicks and sales.

Clickbank offers many different products and services but not all of them are suitable for everyone.

They have over 100,000 sellers on their marketplace which means that there are plenty of opportunities available if you want to start an affiliate marketing career.

However, it is important to note that not all of the products are suitable for every niche.

You need to be very selective in what you promote and only choose those products that will help you build a long-term business. Clickbank offers many different ways of earning commissions through your clicks and sales.

They have a wide range of products such as e-books, software and even physical products. You can also earn commissions from Clickbank by promoting paid membership sites or affiliate programs that pay you per lead they generate.

The company offers many different ways to make money through their marketplace which means that there is something for everyone.

8. PartnerStack

Amazon Affiliate program Alternatives are a dime a dozen. But when you’re looking for an Amazon affiliate program alternative, PartnerStack is the way to go.

First off, it’s incredibly easy and free to join, and you don’t even have to wait long!

If you want to be able to cash out soon after joining, there’s no need to spend any money.

What’s more? The commission rate varies, but it’s pretty high in general. And if you want to start off with less money, that’s totally fine too!

The minimum threshold is $100, so even if you just want to test out the waters, you can do that without breaking the bank.

They offer custom links, referral link generator, email updates, affiliate tracking, cookieless tracking and more, all of which will help your blog and content marketing efforts grow so much faster than they would otherwise have been able to do on their own.

If you’re looking for an affiliate program that will help your blog grow, then you need to check out PartnerStack.

They have a wide variety of products from different companies (just like Amazon) that offer high commission rates and allow you to promote them on your site and social media platforms.

9. MaxBounty

If you’re a blogger or content creator looking for an Amazon alternative that will pay you up to 50%, this is the affiliate program for you.

MaxBounty is one of the world’s leading performance-based affiliate networks, which specializes in maximizing both affiliates’ and advertisers’ returns on investment.

The site offers a wide variety of commission rates between $5 and $500, with monthly payouts directly deposited into your PayPal account or sent as an eCheck.

You can also receive funds through Intercash, ACH, Wire or Check, or Bitcoin! No matter which method you choose, there’s no limit to how much money these commissions can bring in for you.

MaxBounty is a great affiliate program for beginners, but it also offers advanced features that even experienced affiliates can benefit from.

The site offers a complete suite of tracking tools and campaign management tools to help you monitor your performance and optimize your earnings.

MaxBounty is a great affiliate program to join, especially if you’re new to the business.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn money and the company offers lots of support for affiliates.

If you want an easy way to make some extra cash in your spare time, then we highly recommend joining MaxBounty!

10. Digistore24

If you’re looking for an affiliate program that can help you make money on the Amazon-alternative site, Digistore24 is a great place to start.

Digistore24 is an online marketing platform for resellers, where vendors pay affiliates to sell their products.

They provide users with a wide range of digital products from trusted vendors and offer reliable and fast payouts.

Their free marketing materials like banners, e-mails, social media posts, and more have made them one of the most popular affiliate programs out there.

The commission rate is up to 70%, which is one of the highest in the industry. The affiliate program is free to join, and they have a range of tools to help you get started.

Their community forum can be used as a resource for finding new products or learning more about existing ones.

The cookies will expire in 180 days, and commission payments are made on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. The minimum threshold is 50 € per month.

Digistore24 does not require any special skills or expertise on behalf of the user but it does require high quality content for their affiliate program for better performance.

You can choose any product from the list of available options based on your niche and start making money with this affiliate program today!

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11. WarriorPlus

WarriorPlus is an affiliate marketing platform that has been around since 2006, but it’s still going strong.

The company has a lot of experience in the industry and has recently started offering some new features and tools to help content creators thrive.

If you’re looking for Amazon alternatives, WarriorPlus is a great place to start.

They have thousands of vendors and are always adding new ones, so even if you’re just starting out, it won’t be long before you have access to all kinds of products.

The commission rate varies depending on the product category and product type you choose (the higher the commission rate, the better).

There are no minimum thresholds or requirements, so if you can get $15 in sales from WarriorPlus, then they will pay you!

The cookies duration is 60 days and 7 to 30 days for each payout through PayPal or withdrawal to your bank account.

This means that if you make $100 with WarriorPlus, then they will pay you between 7-30 days after it happens. You can use PayPal or withdraw your earnings directly into your bank account though!

WarriorPlus is a great company that has been around for many years.

They have many different products available, including fitness equipment, health supplements and more! If you are interested in making some extra money with them, then this is a great opportunity to do so!

12. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is a program that offers a wide range of features for bloggers and content creators.

It offers real-time tracking, affordable yet powerful solutions, a huge network of over 10,000 advertisers and publishers, accessible customer support, a ticketing support system, compliance monitoring, as well as other features.

The commission rate varies from program to program.

However, it is always quite high compared to other affiliate programs out there. You can earn up to $200 per sale.

FlexOffers have a minimum threshold of $25. So you can start earning money right away!

This affiliate program has been around since 2008 and has been serving thousands of publishers and advertisers since then.

It is one of the oldest affiliate networks in this business and has a solid reputation. They provide great support, a fair commission structure, clear terms and conditions, real-time tracking, and much more.

One thing that we really liked about this affiliate program was its customer support system which is available 24/7 through email or phone call.

They also provide a ticketing support system which means if ever you have any questions regarding your account or any queries related to your earnings, you can send them a message and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

This is definitely one of the best affiliate networks out there and we highly recommend them.

13. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a platform that allows website owners to make money by placing affiliate links into their copy.

It’s great for bloggers and content creators who want to start making money from their work, and it’s super easy to get started.

The affiliate platform is free to join, and the only thing you need is an email address.

You can choose which merchant you want to promote, and the company will give you a unique link that you can embed into your content.

When someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, Skimlinks gets a commission and pays it out to you.

There are over 60,000 affiliates on Skimlinks with over 48,500 merchants, which makes it easy to find the offers that are right for your blog or content creation business.

You can also set up filters so that you don’t have to see every single offer out there.

Skimlinks has a bunch of different tools that allow you to make money as an affiliate: price comparison app, shopping gallery, Chrome Extension Toolbar and more!

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to find offers that are good for your blog or content creation business.

14. Awin 

Awin is a great affiliate program that’s easy to get started with.

The affiliate program offers bloggers and content creators an easy way to make money from their Amazon alternatives, and the company has over 16,500 advertisers across more than 70 niches and 225,000 active publishers.

Awin is also one of the top Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives.

Affiliates can earn commissions by referring shoppers to Awin advertisers. Awin has high commission rates, at up to 20% for the highest tier of publishers.

The company also offers a variety of tools and features to help affiliates grow their business.

Affiliates receive their commissions via direct deposit into a bank account or cheque within 30 to 45 days of the completion of the referrer’s order. The minimum payout threshold is $20 USD.

Awin has in-house tools like APIs (application programming interfaces), creatives, link builder and browser extension.

There are also WordPress plugins available for bloggers who want to earn money through affiliate marketing!

The network offers real-time statistics on how many shoppers were referred by each affiliate so you know how much money you can make at any given time.

Awin is a great place to start your affiliate marketing journey. It has a wide variety of products, offers simple tracking tools and pays out on time!

15. Rakuten Advertising 

Rakuten Advertising is an affiliate network that is best for bloggers and content creators. They have a variety of commission rates, monthly payout options, and more.

It’s important to note that you don’t need any prior experience with affiliate marketing in order to join this program.

You can sign up without any knowledge of how affiliate marketing works or what it means to be an affiliate marketer.

In addition, they claim they offer “the most tools in the industry” when it comes to managing your account and tracking your performance.

This includes things like account management and attribution and insights reports, as well as payment processing and feed management for affiliates who want to work within the program.

You also get access to brand protection tools so that you can protect yourself from potential issues with third parties (such as fraud).

And finally, there is no minimum threshold for joining this program, you only need a minimum $50 payout threshold!

The program is open to all affiliates, whether you want to promote a brand on your website or through social media.

It also has a variety of offers available for you to choose from, including physical products and digital downloads.

And lastly, the company claims that they are “always innovating” so that they can continue offering their users the best affiliate marketing tools on the market today.

What are our Recommendations for Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives?

ebay Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Amazon associates, eBay Partner Network is our favorite.

eBay has a strong brand and reputation in the online marketplace, and it is already known for its trustworthiness.

It has an easy to join program that allows you to quickly get started and earn commissions on your first purchase.

eBay offers competitive offers, making it easier for you to earn commissions from your Amazon affiliate program activities.

What factors should you consider when choosing an Affiliate Program?

Choosing the right affiliate program can be difficult. It’s important to find a partner that will not only help promote your site but also deliver results.

There are many factors that should be considered when choosing an affiliate program, including:

Payout and commission rate

It’s important to know that payout and commission rate are two of the most important factors in choosing an affiliate program.

Commission rate refers to the percentage of sales that you will earn on your behalf, while payout refers to how much money you will receive from a sale made by someone else using your link.

It is recommended that these figures be high enough for you to make it worth your while with regard to both times spent promoting products and effort expended in fulfilling orders.

Your niche

When you’re choosing a program, it’s important to look at the affiliate network’s offerings.

For example, if you have a blog about parenting and are looking for an affiliate program that will help you promote products related to your niche, consider joining one of those networks.

You’ll also want to make sure that the conversion rate on these programs is high (i.e., they generate high commissions).

Additionally, if possible try finding an affiliate program with good reputation among other affiliates so they can recommend it as well!

Tracking and reporting

Tracking and reporting is the most important factor to consider when choosing an affiliate program. You need to be able to track your conversions, so you know if your campaigns are performing well or not.

You also need a way of seeing what is working and what isn’t, so that you can adjust accordingly.

You should be able to see all of this information in one place. If you can’t, then it’s probably not the best affiliate program for you.

The Kind Of Product

The kind of product is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program. Products can be in any category, including clothing, food, and household products.

The price of the product will also play a role in your decision.

If you have a low-price item that sells well (but maybe not for long), then it might be better to partner with an affiliate program that has higher prices so that you get more percentage points per sale.

Product reviews are another way to help determine which affiliate programs are best for your business’s needs; this is especially important if there’s no other information available on the market about how these programs operate or what services they provide their affiliates!

Payment terms

The payment terms of an affiliate program are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program.

Payment frequency refers to how often you will get paid for your commissions.

Payment methods such as PayPal and Payoneer are common payment options that many programs offer. However, some also allow you to use your own bank account or credit card for payments.

The minimum payout amount is another important factor to consider when choosing an affiliate program.

It’s always a good idea to look for programs that have a low minimum payout amount so you can get paid sooner. Depending on the industry, this may be as low as $50 or even lower!

Cookie duration

Cookie duration is one of the important factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program. Cookie duration refers to how long the affiliate program will keep track of your sales and commissions.

Some programs may only track purchases for a 30-day period while others may go up to 12 months.

It’s important to check with the program so you can find out how long they store cookies.

Support and resources

When choosing an affiliate program, you need to consider the support and resources that are available. What kind of support is available?

Are there any phone numbers or email addresses that you can use for questions?

Are there FAQs on the site or in their help center that address common issues and questions about the platform itself, like how to create an account and what kind of tools are available (like tracking software).

An affiliate program should also provide a variety of resources that can help you get started and promote their products.

This includes things like banners, text links, and email templates for promoting the program, as well as how-to guides on creating affiliate sites and what kind of content to create in order to drive sales.

Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives:

1. What is the difference between Amazon Associates and Amazon Influencer Program?

The difference between Amazon Associates and Amazon Influencer Program is like the difference between having an assistant and being the boss.

Affiliates are in charge of choosing items to promote, while influencers get full control over what they promote.

Both programs are part of the broader Amazon Associates Program, but they work in slightly different ways.

Affliates have to choose products that fit within certain guidelines set by Amazon, while Influencers get full control over what they promote.

2. Who can join Amazon Affiliate Program?

If you want to work with Amazon, you should have an active website, blog or YouTube channel.

The Amazon Associate program is for bloggers and content creators who want to earn money by advertising products on their sites and channels.

If your blog has a lot of traffic, or if you have a popular YouTube channel that regularly produces videos, then it’s worth considering becoming an Associate.

3. What is the minimum payout for the Amazon affiliate program?

The minimum payout for the Amazon affiliate program is $100.00.

4. How do I find the right product to promote using Amazon Affiliate Program?

The best way to find the right product to promote is to use your analytics.

You can use your analytics to find out which products are selling well, or even better yet, which ones aren’t selling at all.

You should also look into what other people are promoting and seeing how much traffic they get from those products, as well as how much money they make from those sales.

5. Is the Amazon affiliate program worth it?

Yes! The Amazon affiliate program is absolutely worth it.

It’s free to join, and you can earn commissions on purchases made through the link in your post.

Plus, it’s easy to navigate and navigate. It has a good reputation with publishers, so they trust that you’ll deliver quality content to them.

And of course, there are no upfront costs or other obligations associated with starting an account, just get started today!

6. Can I monetize my social media channels using Amazon Affiliate Program?

You can monetize your social media channels using Amazon Affiliate Program.

You can get paid by Amazon for referring people to buy certain products.

For example, if you post on a Facebook page about how you are using a product that you personally love, and then refer people to buy that product through the Amazon Affiliate Program, Amazon will pay you a commission.

7. Can I become an Amazon associate without a blog or website?

You can’t become an Amazon Associate without having your own website, blog, or YouTube channel.

That’s because Amazon has a strict policy that requires anyone who wants to be an Amazon Associate to have a website, blog, or YouTube channel of their own.

If you want to be an Amazon Associate and you don’t already have a website, blog, or YouTube channel of your own, you’ll need to create one before you can submit your application.

8. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when a business pays you to promote their products or services. You get paid by selling the product or service yourself.

Here’s how it works:

1. You find a company that sells a product you want to buy.

2. You apply for an affiliate account with that company and then promote their product on your own website, social media accounts, etc.

3. When people click on your link and buy it from the company you’re promoting, you get paid!

9. What are the best types of content for promoting affiliate products?

The best types of content for promoting affiliate products are those that can be used to demonstrate the value of the product, provide a sense of urgency, and show how easy it is to use.

It’s important to make your content as helpful as possible in order to get people excited about the product.

For example, if you’re promoting a detergent, you could provide a video with demonstrations of how easy it is to use or how much cleaner your clothes will be after using it.

You could also include information like “how long does it take” because people may not have time to wait around for their clothes to wash themselves clean.

You should also try to focus on different aspects of the product so that it doesn’t feel like just another laundry detergent commercial, for example, if you’re promoting a diet pill, you could talk about how it works with your body’s digestive system.

10. What does it take to be a successful affiliate marketer?

If you’re looking for a simple answer, I have one: it takes time. It takes effort. And it takes patience.

A successful affiliate marketer is one who is willing to work hard, put in the time, and learn from their mistakes.

They aren’t afraid to try new things and make mistakes along the way, but they don’t dwell on them or let those mistakes stop them from achieving their goals.

And that’s what makes us successful, the willingness to put ourselves out there and show what we’re made of!

11. What niches have the most potential for affiliate marketing?

The most potential niches for affiliate marketing are those that are growing and have a lot of demand.

If you’re thinking about starting an affiliate marketing business, the first thing to do is find out what kind of people are buying your product or service.

There are so many different niches out there to choose from, the trick is finding the ones that have the most demand and making sure they’re not saturated with competitors.

The best way to do this is by researching competitors’ websites and seeing how much traffic they get. The more traffic, the more likely it is that people will want to buy from them too!


These Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives should provide some good ideas on where to go if you’re looking for something different, whether it’s higher commissions, more specific niches, or more flexible conditions.

If there’s a specific opportunity that you’re interested in though, make sure to do the additional research necessary to find out if it’s the best one for you.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of great opportunities out there, and if Amazon’s not the right one for you, you should be able to find something else that meets your needs.

Just make sure that whatever niche or opportunity you choose is legitimate, because it’s hard to recover from frauds and scams once they happen.

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